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About Devon Padgett-Blew

Hello All! The following is just some insight into my story and the things I do.

My awakening took place shortly after my grandmothers passing in the summer of 2017. Prior to this I considered myself an atheist as my experiences with religion influenced me negatively. A month or so after her passing I began to experience things that my scientific mindset could not explain.

The December following my grandmothers passing my son was gifted a rock tumbler for Christmas, he quickly lost interest and it then became mine. I had always loved stone and crystal jewelry but never really paid attention to the metaphysical uses. Inspired by my late grandmother's artistic nature I discovered my own artistic abilities, they were non existent prior. So I began wire wrapping the stones I tumbled. I then started to learn about the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical uses for the stones. What was one tumbler became four and other lapidary equipment was purchased.

Working with the stones has allowed me to create a intense connection with them. I have deepened my work with stones and crystals to provide crystal healing. As my spiritual journey has progressed it has led to other avenues. I have trained with mediums Colleen St. Michael and Judy Dingler to further develop my mediumship skills. Currently I am a certified Reiki practitioner, crystal healer, spiritual advisor and Oracle card reader. I am continuously growing and learning as I feel there is always an opportunity for expansion. My true passion is in helping others and spreading love and light to the world.


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